BIOENERGY is the life sustaining force of the Universe. There is no life without Bioenergy.

“All forces of the universe, including human consciousness, are the transformations of this cosmic energy.” Dr. Fatih Hakan CAM

My Own Bioenergy Treatments

My Bioenergy treatments work wholly on balancing the body’s energy system, in order to help the body resonate at its own natural frequency. When our energy system is ‘blocked’ or ‘out of synchronicity’ we can feel negative symptoms and are prone to illness. By rebalancing these energy frequencies, the body can then kick-start its own natural healing powers.

With over 15 years of experience, I use my natural ability to recognise physical and emotional energy blockages within the body. During each session one hand feeds positive energy into the patient, which works to revitalize, while the other hand extracts negative energy, thereby balancing the energy levels. During this process I can feel different types of pain. She releases this energy from her hand, which sounds not dissimilar to static electricity.


I would like to view each and every case individually; consequently it is not possible to forecast any results other than to suggest a potential response based upon previous experience.

I develop the sensitivity in my hands in order to be able to detect where there are problems with the energy centres and the energy field. I try to use of this extra sensory ability, can use energies which are all around to balance the patients energy system.

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Bioenergy was introduced in Ireland by Michael O’Doherty and Tom Griffin who became aware of the existence of energies beneficial to healing through their involvement with the martial arts. They trained in Yugoslavia with Zdenko Domancic in the mid- 1980’s and brought Bio – Energy Healing back to Ireland. This therapy is not a new phenomenon; it originated in the East and is more than 5,000 years old. The first reference to ‘Life Energy’ or ‘Bio Energy’ is in the “I Ching” (The book of Changes 1122 BC).